Making Serious Fitness, Seriously Fun.

Talk with an expert coach to build a plan that’s right for you

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We Understand

That joining a gym and starting a new fitness program can be intimidating. Let us help you find a program that's right for you.

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  • 1Join a fitness community committed to your success
  • 2Get a personalized program tailored to your needs
  • 3Get stronger, healthier, and happier

Step inside the best gym in Honolulu, Hawaii, let go of:

  • Your endless to-do list
  • Your struggles to get fit in the past
  • Your stress and tension

We do things differently

Working out should be fun. That’s the number one rule here. Exercise needs to do more than give you a great body. We offer you a way to improve every area of your life through exercise and activity. Be part of the Parado Power family and discover how life is better when you work out with your kind of people. You’ll laugh, smile, sweat, and build a healthier mind and body for life.

Our Community


Our #1 priority is helping our members achieve their goals.

Parado Power is an amazing gym run by people who care and provide challenging workouts. It is a friendly and non-judgmental gym with fellow gym-goers being very respectful!
I was timid at first, as most people are, but Blake and everyone at Parado Power have a way of making you feel like you fit right in! Blake is beyond educated, personable, and sometimes a little funny.
If you're looking for a great gym with a supportive, friendly community, this IS your gym. There's none of that chest thumping machismo you sometimes find at big box gyms. Parado Power is the "Cheers" of gyms; Everyone knows your name.

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