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Our strength class utilizes barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells to build and maintain lean muscle mass.


Our circuit style class will boost your heart rate up, similar to high-intensity interval training. A perfect complement to our Strong class and can serve as an active recovery workout.


This class has a nice blend of strength and cardio, with a focus on metabolic conditioning.

Our pricing

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Personal Training:
  • 1x/week (4 sessions) - $280
  • 2x/week (8 sessions) - $540
  • 3x/week (12 sessions) - $780
  • 4x/week (16 sessions) - $1000
Billed every 4 weeks.
Group Classes:
  • 1x/week (4 classes) - $100
  • 2x/week (8 classes) - $180
  • 3x/week (12 classes) - $240
  • Unlimited Classes a month - $280
Expires after one month.

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