Introducing the Parado Power team

Meet the fitness experts that are here to help you achieve your goals

Blake Parado owner of Parado Power
Our founder

Blake Parado

Owner + CEO + Head Coach
BS in Kinesiology / CSCS / Precision Nutrition Level 1

Parado Power is your haven of fitness in a busy week. Take some time out for yourself, learn new skills, make friends, and have confidence that you are doing something great for your future health. Our style of training is all about longevity. After all, what’s the point in forcing yourself to work out? It has to be fun and enjoyable, so it becomes part of your life. I was a skinny kid at school, and working out helped my self-confidence and outlook on life. We hope it will do the same for you – and more! Blakeʻs favorites: Powerlifting, Bacon, Dragonball Z.

Our coaches

Keri coach at Parado Power


Coach + Nutrition Coach + Marketing
BS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship / Strong Lifting Level 1

My favorite part of Parado Power is helping people feel better and get stronger – all while enjoying the process. This gym is my second home and the community is what makes it so special!

Keriʻs Interests: Dogs, Photography, Traveling, and Carbs!

Jensen coach at Parado Power


Coach + Program Designer
BS in Exercise Science / NSCA

What brought me to Parado Power was the atmosphere and vibe the gym provides – where everybody is included and supports one another. The only thing more incredible than the workouts are the people that do them!

Jensenʻs Interests: Olympic lifting, Track & Field, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Donuts.

Coach Micah



I enjoy coaching at Parado Power because of the positive environment. New members always feel welcomed and nobody is left behind based on their current fitness levels. Everyone works hard and has fun!

Kobe coach at Parado Power


Certified Good Boy

I love being a part of the Parado Power team and bossing my humans (Blake and Keri) around!

Kobeʻs favorites: Swimming, Ping Pong, and Eating Cheese

The Parado Promise

  1. We are committed to creating a friendly, judgment-free zone where people feel excited to workout.
  2. We promise a warm welcome to everyone regardless of age, ability, or fitness level.
  3. Bring a smile and a positive attitude. We will provide everything else: the coaching, equipment, and a clean, safe atmosphere.
  4. Our gym is your haven where you are free to let go of your stress, endless to-do lists, and struggles to get fit in the past. You’ll leave feeling better than you did when you stepped in!
  5. Train with us and fall in love with fitness to achieve more than you believed possible.

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